Try manual mode

Recently I saw a very inspiring YouTube video explaining about manual mode in photography. It is a bit long but, for me it was a source of inspiration and a way to take back control over the light and shadows in my work.

The video let me think about things a bit deeper. I tried it and it worked very well I think. Here is the first result that shows manual mode also works for images in color.

Just give it a try, it is worth it…


Sometimes waiting is boring and sometimes it is exiting… These children where leaving from Kandi (Sri Lanka) for a two day excursion to the north of the country.

What comes after the G.A.S.?

What does G.A.S. stands for?

Well let me explain, it is the so-called Gear Acquisition Syndrome, a problem a lot of people who want to take (great) photos suffer from. Mostly it are men but, women sometimes also are affected.

I had it as well; bought too much far too expensive stuff to take photo’s with. At some point it was enough, I reached this point in 2007. At that time I planned a trip to Mali. During the preparations for that trip, I learned that there is a lot of dust in Mali. Too dangerous for all my “expensive equipment”.

At the end of the day, I decided to go for a Panasonic FZ-50. I took this camera without bag and it more or less survived sand and dust. In Mali I took my first portrait of a chief de village with his son.

That was not a bad start, I almost got healed. But then I bought a Canon 5D with L-Glass. Far too heavy and expensive and in 2015 I ended at Fujifilm X Pro with some prime lenses. Traveling light became more important to me and I definitively reached the end of my G.A.S.

What comes after G.A.S.?

First of all there’s the widely unknown, P.B.A.S. (Photo Book Acquisition Syndrome). I have some mild form of this. It however is more constructive, photo books are a source of inspiration. Maybe at some point, I will start to write here about books I have on my bookshelf.

Today I suffer from the W.D.S. (Website Design Syndrome) and try to find an escape. For the previous website ( I spend far too much time on design of the site itself. Early 2018 I found my old website needed a successor, I decided to stay with WordPress as framework, got a nice theme and some promising plugins. The idea was to use everything as is; without modification. This did not work out very well, I made a child theme to solve problems I saw and a lot of CSS to make things look consistent. It took me almost a year to finalize this website for launch and I still am tweaking details. I spend too much time on the design and too time to work on photography is left.

My advice for you

If you want to focus on images and present them, first of all consider something like SquareSpace. This will be much quicker and also looks (almost) as good as your own design. If you however don’t follow my advice and want to know what I use then check the about section of this site where at the end, I explain which theme and plugins I have used for this website.

Can I help you?

To keep it short: No, I might be able to see some symptoms but I’m not able to heal you. You have to find your own way.

Dancing girls – The story behind

At the moment at the home page of this site this picture is displayed. What is happening there?

Back in 2007 we where traveling in Mali. As you might expect it is a country not easy to visit, it is very different from the world we are living in. There is little to eat and drink but a lot of sand and dust. We stayed some days in Djenné and from there went for a walk in the desert. Far away we saw some houses and dry threes, enough to not get lost for ever.

On our way back we met this group of young women, they got water from town and where on their way to their homes. Even when they carried a heavy load they wanted to have their picture made. The fun and happiness they showed where simply impressive and they exposed a high level of pride and confidence. Basic feelings everybody strives for. What is different is how people are showing such feelings; in the western world people are often hiding their feelings while in remote places people often are much more open even to strangers.

Portraits not in the galleries

In the galleries section of this website I show portraits of people that look directly to me. In some portraits this is not the case but they are still worth to share here. Here a portrait of my brother Marcel at home in Holland.

Amhara Nikisat

The Amhara people also known as Abyssinians, are an ethnic group from the northern and central Ethiopian highlands.

The neck and facial tattoos called Nikisat are standing out against the traditional white clothing and elaborate jewelry. Lines of tiny crosses along jaws and traditional Ethiopian shaped crosses on foreheads prove the intensive dedication to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

A YouTube video/slide-show about the celebration of Timkat in Gondar (Ethiopia) can be found here.

The Arbore tribe in the Omo Valley

Earlier this year I visited Ethiopia a country with an incredible variation of people. These 3 portraits are from the beginning of a visit to the Omo Valley in the delta of the Limo River (sometimes called Weyto or Dullay. The Arbore tribe with a total population of 6850 is living in 4 villages: Gandareb, Kulaama, Murale, and Eegude.  Their economy of subsistence depends largely on the periodical floods of the river. Visiting the village was a smooth experience and I took some first portraits of young woman, at first there was some shyness but after a while, they where looking directly to me.  This is the kind of portraits I like, for me direct eye contact is a main element in my photography.


Why color?

Till recently, I showed my work only as black and white. While processing the images sometimes I start to think about color. For me this was a difficult decision, it took me months to take the step to color. Finally I published two photos in Color on my old Photo-Vinc website.

On this website I now will bring more color. I am trying to find my style, not too much colors, decent slightly de-saturated.

Bellow some samples:

More colorful work in the portraits section here on this website.

What are you looking for?

Well I am looking for your feedback on this website.

If for you something does not work as expected, please then let me know. You can do this bellow in the comments or via the contact form.

Launch of a new website..

Welcome at my new website,

After a long time of preparation, this website just went online. On the long-term it will replace my old site:

What is new and why such a complete remake?

My (old) website has been online now for more than 5 years,  time came to create a new site with larger images and a more modern and smooth design.

Long ago, I published some photo-video reportages on Those reportages, are small on today’s screens and based on the Flash/Shockwave technology, a no-go today. I decided to follow a new approach and move to YouTube videos.  There are already some new reportages from the recent trip to Ethiopia and remake of “The Moustache Brothers” reportage from Burma, this reportage is now in color. More to come soon!

The number of pictures in the galleries has been dramatically reduced, I now only will show the very best.

Color yes! That is another change. After long and almost endless considerations, I decided there will be color photographs in the galleries, first work in the portraits section Black and White is great but sometimes, color is magic too.

And last but not least I will change the way how I post in the blog. I will only post if the image is really good and I am going to write little more about the photos.

So, what is happening now with the old website? I don’t know yet, for the time being it will continue to exist, however there will be no new work there. Sooner or later it will retire completely.

I do hope you’re enjoying this brand-new website,

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