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It is not needed to have a technical perfect image to express emotions.

More than 1000 words

A picture sometimes tells more than 1000 words. I don’t have to tell a lot about this picture, it is all up to your imagination.


Mechanics at the Babati busstation

There are arriving just a few buses at the busstation in Babati (Tanzania). The state of the buses is far from what we are used to, they however almost always make it to the busstation where I met these two young mechanics responsible for small maintenance.


More decent colors vs Black & White [Updated July 3rd 2019]

In the original post I showed the portrait in color. There was some feedback that in Black&White the background probably is less distracting. Bellow both versions… I agree with the people that commented, this one works better in Black & White.

Decent colors

When it comes to photography I’m a “Black and White man” but, sometimes I decide to leave out the B&W conversion step. The main rule for me in color is to have decent and only a few colors.

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