Inspiring person

Normally I make my portraits when I’m travelling. It somehow takes me some time to disconnect from the daily life and really see the interesting people.

This is Mr. Bomanza, I met him in the French village where I live, he was around often had long hair and was elegantly dressed. He just inspired me, so I asked him if I could make some portrait, he agreed and some days later I gave him some prints. His answer was to invite him home for a drink. He told that before he became retired he used to work in restaurants in Basel (Switzerland) and he has family in Bordeaux.

Since then I, when I saw him we always said hello. At some point he disappeared, I never met him again and I missed him. Probably he moved to his family in Bordeaux at least that is what I would like to believe.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring person

  1. Love all your portraits – they touch me, they tell a story. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your work and getting in touch with us!

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