Color: I start to like it!

In another post I explained why I started publishing color photos. Today I took one from the Ethiopia trip and let the colors play. The colors in the original RAW file where too poppy for my taste, I carefully reduced them and this is what could make out of it.

Portrait of a woman belonging to the Hammer Tribe in Omo Valley, Ethiopia.Portrait of a woman belonging to the Hammer Tribe in Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

For my taste this is the kind of color I am looking for in my photos. One of the visitors of this blog (Stefan) took his time to look closer to the photo and gave some valuable feedback.

The image slider on the right shows the original and new version (slider left). In the new photo the background has been blurred and color is a bit more desaturated.

I invite everybody to make critical comments to my posts, a bit more than beautiful, wonderful is highly appreciated!

12 thoughts on “Color: I start to like it!

  1. She has a very memorable appearance, attentive eyes and hand(s) that you see her hard daily work.
    Very nice shot even it’s not black and white!

    It seems that you reduced the overall saturation a little bit.
    One question: don’t you use the noise reduction for the restless backround? Would maybe radiate more peace and be less distractive to the women in the foreground.

      1. Thank you Vincent for giving it a try.
        I my mind she is more emerged out of the background. Seems the same time you changed the color toning over all and the clarity of her face a little bit, these are personal matter of taste. I like it.

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