Déjà Vu – Cuba vs. Oman

Sometimes at places far away from home a DéJà Vu feeling shows up. I see a scene very similar to a photo I made at another place. I collected have several sets, today the first two images from Cuba and Oman.

8 thoughts on “Déjà Vu – Cuba vs. Oman

  1. Beautiful seen and associated, where the ‘cuban photo’ is more impressive to me. Esp. the layout of the spaces: the car and its passenger. The trash cans creating a triangle with the broomstick and the little observer between. Somehow a surrealistic scene, also the shadow of the lantern on the street. All in all a scene with a very special characteristic.

  2. How extraordinary.
    I have to say the first image is my favourite. The cleaning bins and older car take me to another time and age. Such a great composition.

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