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Recovering means to appreciate…

Appreciate yourself and appreciate the others like yourself…

Some of you might know this, some of you might be surprised but at the moment, I’m recovering from a severe depression which, almost lasted a for year now.

Things are getting better now, today I’m taking care about myself a lot. Some things in my life have to change to not let this happen again, others are to be picked up again and will continue. I take care of myself and I give myself immaterial rewards and presents.  Within a few days from now, I’ll start to work again and I’m really looking forward to get back in my nine-to-five job where I will face some new and exiting challenges.

A depression, that sounds horrible you might think. You are right, it is not not funny; I had a difficult time, but if I’m honest to myself I have to say that not all things where negative. During my depression I’ve learned a lot about myself and also lost a lot of weight. Besides this, I’ve found very special person, just good friends, nothing more but so special to write about it today.

Sharing sadness, happiness and hope, helped to reduce the fears we faced in our life. The trust and openness in this friendship without further expectations, allowed to talk  about things I never felt comfortable to talk about before. For me this was a turning point in life, even when those discussions often where just a kind of confessions for me they where a mirror.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and the things happening around me. I also found the way back to God which, I ignored in my life. I have to recognize this also brings me hope, trust and stability I need.

This unique friendship is extremely valuable to me. Today it is the day, it is Valentine’s day which, seems to be only for lovers and couples that want to get married. This year for me it is just to thank for a unique friendship where we are there for each other, nothing more and nothing less.

Now let’s come back to photography, after all this website is about photography…

This week I picked up a parcel for this friend, in the parcel there was a jacket, I could not give it in person but I took this picture of the label behind the curtains of my temporary apartment. Of course I also made some pictures of the jacket, for this blog they are not that interesting I think.

Pictures can be nice or artistic, this one is different; For me me the picture is meaningful, it visualizes the question marks we do have about why we met each other, what purpose there is. From my point of view this “why question” is not important at all, more important is to take care about the special friendship and see “how” we deal with this special situation.

Today is not just a day for “lovers”, for me it is also is about appreciating special friendships as well.

I do wish all readers of my blog a wonderful Valentine’s day,


More Banalography

I have some more simple things to show to you today. Here is the kitchen sink in my home in Saint Louis…

Simple things can be beautiful, do’t you think?

A sad Airbnb

Last Saturday I arrived in a new Airbnb apartment in Switzerland, I had to move. Outside it was raining and I felt somehow sad and depressed. Things here are not very fancy, it is just ugly. At some point I started to see a strange kind of beauty around me. This beauty made me to pick-up my camera that was resting for weeks in the bag. What you see here is what I saw, not my typical style but for me it is an interesting series.

Meanwhile I start to appreciate the apartment, I made my self to feel at home and the sun just came out.

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